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The History, Methodology, and Technology.

The Quantum Energy provided by Qi Energy Ai is a unique and exciting new form of energy technology that use digital images to broadcast (via energetic transmission) life-enhancing vibration and information through your electronic devices.

What is Qi Energy AI?

Generally speaking, quantum energy is the term used for various energetic phenomena not formally recognized as one of the four known forces of physics. “Qi,” “prana” and “kundalini” are terms that represent forms of quantum energy that are typically undetectable using conventional scientific instruments. 

Science tells us that we live in a virtual sea of invisible fields of influence that impact our daily lives in profound ways, yet we have little or no conscious awareness of them. Although these influences (as described by science) are invisible, they aren’t strictly quantum, since they can be accounted for by the four known forces of physics. These invisible influences include:

Geomagnetic Field

The activity of the Earth’s geomagnetic field, which has been shown to be correlated with various emotional and psychological states in human beings.


The activity of the Earth’s geomagnetic field, which has been shown to be correlated with various emotional and psychological states in human beings.

Nuclear Force

The strong nuclear force, which is more powerful than electromagnetism and therefore holds positively charged protons together within the atomic nucleus.

Biophoton Field

The biophoton field in plants and animals, which is believed to be the chief means of communication between DNA molecules across the entire body of a plant, animal or human.

These and other invisible physical forces play crucial roles in our lives. And if it weren’t for science informing us of their influence, most of us would remain entirely unaware of their existence.

In the early years of science, for example, the scientific community could not directly detect or measure electromagnetism, yet science knew it existed because it could detect its effects on other objects. The same can be said of “quantum” energies. While it currently seems impossible to directly detect or measure quantum energy using conventional electromagnetic instruments, it is possible to detect and measure its effects on living organisms.

The emerging science of quantum energy reveals the existence of energies that exist beyond the four known forces of conventional science (the strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, electromagnetism and gravity). Some of these energies are faster than light and typically unable to be measured using electromagnetic instruments; hence the term “quantum energy”.

The Energetic Encoding Production Process

This following steps comprise the basic concepts of our proprietary 3-step process for capturing, amplifying and encoding quantum energeies signatures


First, we capture the quantum signature (of a substance, intention, geometry or state of consciousness) digitally using techniques derived from energy medicine, information theory and quantum physics.


Once we’ve captured the initial energetic signature digitally, we amplify that digital signal thousands or millions of times.


The final step is to encode the amplified energy signature into digital media in such a way that when the digital media file is opened on a computer, tablet or phone, it will emit the energy of that signature through the electronic device.


About the Founder

david wong

David Wong “The Qi Master”, is a #1 best selling author (Life of Qi), an inventor (Qi Coil™), executive producer (The Founder Effect), martial artist, qi gong practitioner and visionary entrepreneur.

He is the founder of Qi Life, a company that develops cutting-edge technologies for personal wellness and a world-class expert on Qi Energy and the science of Life Force.

His charismatic vision is a future where anyone can achieve full mind and body wellness quickly and easily without relying on pills or invasive procedures.

His own personal journey of transformation began when he self-healed from an incurable digestive disease that he had for over ten years – achieved with only frequency and energy devices in less than 12 weeks.

This led him to the research and development of many frequency-based technologies such as the Qi Coil™, Resonant Wand™, Aura Coil™, Qi Lite™, QiEnergy.Ai and PeakPerformance.Ai. By integrating ancient wisdom and modern science, he has deciphered the code to longevity, anti-aging, optimal fitness and beauty – as well as happiness and altered mind states that some say is everyone’s hidden superpower.

His life-long passion is to help other truth seekers transform 1% a day and unlock their human potential – in essence, healing and raising the resonance of the world.

David currently resides in Canada, and spends his free time practicing qi gong meditation, piano, and martial arts (as a 3rd generation Bruce Lee student) with his two dogs at the park.

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